Those Amazing Professions (TAP) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) that develops engaging digital materials to help kids become aware of careers in underserved professions—disciplines they may not have exposure to in their academic or extracurricular experience. At TAP, we’re focused on fields like engineering, science, architecture and construction where they is always demand for the next great innovation but not always the trained talent available to realize it. TAP accepts funds from foundations, and contributions from companies, associations and individuals for the development of these materials.



A fun, colorful, engaging look at some of the marvelous things that have been designed and built by engineers. More than 90,000 copies in print.
For upper elementary and middle
school students. 

Your order also includes
a FREE Teacher's Guide. 


An excellent introduction to the exciting fields of science, with examples kids of all ages can relate to. Think "invisibility cloak."
For upper elementary and middle
school students.



The scoop on how modern day project managers and contractors join forces
with workers in time-honored trades
from masons to carpenters to build
the world we live in. For middle and
high school students.

Your order also includes
a FREE Teacher's Guide and
Glossary of Construction Terms.