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Those Amazing Professions,  560 Sylvan Avenue, Suite 1240, Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632 

Those Amazing Professions Publications

TAP has obtained the assets and copyrights of publisher Trilogy Publications LLC for Those Amazing Engineers, Those Amazing Scientists and Those Amazing Builders, career books which have been used with great success in classrooms all over the country. Over 90,000 copies of Those Amazing Engineers, first printed in 2007 and now going into its third edition have been distributed to upper elementary, middle, high school and colleges, introducing young people to the wonders of the engineering in their everyday life.



“For the past 4 years, we’ve run a program called Engineering Ambassadors that connects engineers and others working in STEM professions with middle and high school classroom teachers. We provided each teacher with a copy of Those Amazing Engineers as another resource for them to engage students and raise awareness about careers. The book is a perfect fit for this program!”

March 21, 2017, Stem Educations Specialist, Augusta, Maine


Those Amazing Scientists

"Those Amazing Scientists is a well-written, wonderfully informative look at the dynamic world of science and the fascinating people who work in it. Compellingly illustrated, the book invites inquisitive youngsters to find out more about the world around them and the people who help make sense of it all."

David White, Publisher,

Those Amazing BUilders

“I enjoyed reading about the future and how green we can be because it gave me hope we can decrease pollution and make a difference. It will be my generation that builds these amazing structures."

Student Reviewer of Those Amazing Builders