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Englewood Cliffs, NJ,  May 8, 2018—Those Amazing Professions Inc. (TAP) announces the launch of, a website to inform young people about careers in engineering through real life examples of what engineers do and where they work. The site, particularly appropriate for middle school students who are at an age when they begin to think about careers, can be used with students in upper elementary and high school as well. The publicly available site was developed with a lead grant from the Thornton Tomasetti Foundation and with matching funds from the National Academy of Construction, the New York Building Foundation, and the Structural Engineers Association of New York.

The site will help students understand how their classroom science, technology, engineering and math programs (STEM) are relevant to actual career options that can help change the world. Information and video links illustrate the variety of engineering disciplines and professional opportunities, examples of places to work, and ideas on how to get started, as well as some of the latest and most innovative work being done by engineers today. For teachers, the site includes resources and suggested classroom activities to engage students and challenge their imagination.

The basis for the site is the highly touted book, Those Amazing Engineers, produced by Trilogy Publications LLC, with over 90,000 copies sold nationwide. Trilogy has donated the books and the copyright of Those Amazing Engineers to TAP. Rose Reichman, Executive Director of TAP, states “The digital version of Those Amazing Engineers builds on the success of the book and makes the content free to users and universally accessible. It also allows TAP to easily update and adapt the material in response to teacher and student feedback.”

Those Amazing Professions Inc. (TAP) is a nonprofit
501(c)3 whose mission is to educate young people
about careers in underserved professions. The engineering
website is its first initiative. For more information on
the website and TAP, contact Rose Reichman, or